Victor Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences

Facilites & Infrastucture

After having hifted to this location it has equipped Computer Lab,Community Lab, Nutrition Lab, Microbiology Lab,Demonstration Room and well stocked Library, where as Classroom are well ventilated with modern learning aids

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Teaching Staff

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News & Events

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Hostel Accomodation

GNM being residential training diploma, Hostel is Compulsory. Only in extra ordinary circumstances, the candidate may be allowed to stay with parent after written permission by the DIRECTOR.

Facilities and Infrastructure

1.Modern Hostel Facilities.
2.Transport facility from Mohali and Samrala.
3.ANM, B.Sc.Nursing, IELTS, NCLEX & Computer Course has also been planned.
4.Excellent Hostel and Bus Services Available.

Location and Ownership

Victor Institute of Nursing Para-medical Science is located at Ranwan, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, is functioning from a prime located modern building with extra modern Hostel in 3 acres of land. The institute is managed byprofessionally sound society i.e.Victor Educational Society (Regd.).


VICTOR EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY managing this Institute and have recently added Computer Courses which is the part of Curriculum and a requirement of this area.


After having shifted to this location it has equipped Computer Lab, Community Lab, Nutrition Lab, Microbiology Lab, Demonstration Room and well stocked Library, where as Classroom are well ventilated with modern learning aids placed in its audio visual room, Slide Projector and VCD/DVD are placed at the multipurpose Hall, where 350 students can be seated for a function


The students of this institute take active participation in cultural Programmes, health related camps states organized camp on Polio and Aids etc., and have earned laurels from CMO/SMO where they had gone for Clinical training.In addition our students have participated in different Seminars/Workshops on Nursing related subjects.


A well equipped & well managed Library is the foundation of modern educational structure. Dr. S.R. Ranganathan the Great library Scientist had once said, “LIBRARY IS A GROWING ORGANIZATION ”. Hence to Institutional Library, we continuously follow his words. The valuable inspirations from our Director Sh. B.S. GARCHA (Commandant Retd.)under the supervision of our versatile and dynamic principal Mrs. Arvind Kaur Arora are well managed by Mrs. Anjna (Librarian) Ms. Seema (Assistant Librarian).

Victor Library is fully air cool & hygienic library, situated at First Floor of the building with sufficient furniture in the reading room. Annual Budget of the Library is fifty thousand. Library is having 1000 Books, Nursing Journals, magazines & newspapers. Library staff encourages the students & provide experience in social & democratic living. Reference Service & Current awareness service is also provided to the students for further Courses & guidance for employment.


Fully Computerization with OPAC facility.

Online membership Connectivity

Provide Reprographics Service on concessional rates to students.

Computer Lab

To meet challenges and prepare students for the ever-evolving knowledge-based society, we keep a constant pace with the advancements being made in the field of Information Technology. The educational technologies that employ projectors, internet and audio visual aids are the versatile tools which are used to assist learning in all areas. The potential of computer aided instruction as a medium for making reaching more interactive and learner oriented has always been an exciting matter for educational innovators.In the 21st century computer aided instructions is indispensable to the school curriculum and its use needs to be truly realized and optimized.

Victor Institute of Nursing has well-equipped computer labs including latest software and other computer peripheral devices. The school also has networking system that connects all workstations through cables. Equipped with independent computer, the institute ensures learning is both fun and a fulfilling experience.

Audio Visual Room

Well equipped with A.V. Aids as T.V., VCD, OHP and Dummy CPR device to aid the students to learn more by seeing & listening.

Nutrition Lab

It have the facility for imparting basic knowledge about nutritive values of food and to practice the cooking for various therapeutic diets.

Community Lab

It is well quipped with models of Community Health Centers, Community bags full Of the services that can be provided in the Community & door to door nursing Services.

Microbiology Lab

It is well shined with modern technology Microscopes, both Medias, Slides, Staining facility & sample collections.

Demonstration Room

It is well equipped with Four Nursing beds, Human Skelton full Human body anatomical parts and all Human body bones.

Rules and Regulation Of the Hostel

  • Rooms should be kept clean and tidy. Student are fully responsible for loss / damages of furniture supplied to them.
  • Proper locks should be put to the cupboard and boxes. Jewellery and expansive items are not permitted in the rooms.
  • Allotment of the rooms will be made by the warden.
  • Wastage of water and electricity will render the students liable to disciplinary action.
  • Students can go home for two days in a month provided no hospital duty and classes are missed, prior permission from the principal / warden of the institute is taken for this purpose.
  • In case of sickness student should report to the principal / warden.
  • All letters /SMS coming to the students are liable to scrutiny by the warden.
  • Parents are required to check the progress of the students from the Principal on any Saturday during working hours.
  • Parents / Relatives should visit the students during visiting hours i.e. from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00. P.M. on Sunday. No parents are allowed in the rooms, only those relatives will be allowed to visit the student whose photographs have been submitted at the time of admission.
  • If parents wish that their children can travel alone, they should give the undertaking / consent in writing to the WARDEN.
  • In case of gross misconduct by the student, training can be terminated at without notice.
  • Mess Committee is formed under the Warden who will give menu for a month to the kitchen incharge and the rate will be fixed according to MENU.
  • Hostel charges including rent, food & electricity are required to be deposited by the 7th next month.
  • Management is fully authorized to effect any changes in rules & regulations at any time


The institute provides free bus service for students and staff from Mohali to Ranwan via Kharar and Morinda as well as Ranwan to Samrala and back. The institute have two new buses, one Van and two more Light Vehicles for administrative purposes. The institute also provide bus service to the students for excursions trips as wells as educational visits.
Regular Institute Bus from Mohali and Samrala To Ranwan & from Chamkaur Sahib to Ranwan.